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Garden Offices | Garden Studios - Insulated Buildings for accommodation, leisure activity and working at home + Outdoor Kitchens

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If you are researching for the best system or competitive cost you have found the most important information available right here.

You have probably already found there is a huge choice of suppliers and building systems available. Most suppliers will focus on their own system and why it is best "for obvious reasons". On this page we simplify the options available and explain your choices.

The best for your project is not always the most expensive. Price is driven by process, supplier efficiency, supplier profitability and material cost. Each have an effect. "sorry to state the obvious but this remains true and applies to most competitive markets"

About Garden Building systems

Our range of Garden Offices, Garden Studios Accommodation and Leisure Buildings includes different styles and different building systems.

We can help you find the very best proposal to suit your requirement, purpose and importantly budget. Experience tells us each client has specific requirements, every site is different in access, size and landscape. No standard building is perfect for all. Having designed hundreds of self build kits and complete projects we are able to advise you on a great solution .

A good way to decide on budget is to focus on total cost per square metre of space. Building systems, specification and how much you can do yourself can make a huge difference. e.g. from £700 to £1800 per square metre!

Garden Studio Building Systems

The building systems commonly used for garden buildings are:

  • Timber frame (a rigid wooden frame forms the structure and shape of the building) Timber frame construction will need cladding outside and in. Most of this work can be done before delivery of the materials. This can be fast to construct requiring less site-work.
  • Conventional bricks and mortar.
  • Structural insulated panels "SIP's" (The wall, floor and roof panels form the structure and provide insulation in pre-formed units). The structural panels require cladding. This is a great solution for large and multi storey buildings. And can in some cases be the right solution.
  • Single skin timber wall construction usually reffered to as "log cabins". (The walls are made from pre-cut slot together boards requiring no further cladding inside or out). The lowest cost solution and often the best way to achieve  a good result on a smaller budget. Roof insulation is early always a good idea however wall insulation is difficult as log cabin walls are never stable.

This table explains the main features and benefits of each system.

System Cost per sq. m for the structural parts Ease of construction Insulation properties Design Flexibility Style Options
Timber Frame /I-Beam Range of cost depending on specification but typically £500 - £700 per metre When supplied in kit form easy and quick Variable to requirement / specification / Any result achievable The most flexible All Styles achievable
SIP's / Structural insulated panels Most Expensive £850-£950 per sq metre Heavy / Specialist but can be fast Good insulation achievable Requires internal and external cladding Many Styles
Single skin system / Log cabin type Least expensive £400-£600 per sq metre Simple and fast system Roof and floor insulation can be installed. Not suited to wall insulation. Requires no wall cladding Most Styles

Choose a picture below to see an overview of a real Office, Studio or Accommodation project with costs.

family studio and store with trifold doors in a small garden (Case Study)    Writers studio, London built on sloping site with ballustraded deck  (Case Study)    See more photos of this 30 sqm accommodation building (Case Study)

Garden Gymnasium, Wirral with attached store (Case Study)    Noella and Richard visit Granpas Hut Eden Valley (Case Study)    Small garden gym /summerhouse (Case Study)

For more Information or a quotation:

Send us a brief description of your project to or call us on 07376 746265. If you have seen a Garden Office, Studio or structure somewhere with design and specification you like, we welcome the opportunity to provide you with a very competitive quotation.

Free Plans

If you would like a copy of some sample plans by excel or pdf please email me Describe what you are looking for - purpose, size etc. etc. the more info I have the nearer I can get from my library of 500+ drawings and plans.

You can request by telephone anytime on 07376 746265

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