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Specifications and detail - Building - Garden Structures

All Garden Office and Garden Studio projects differ according to site, access and client requirements Here is an overview of our general construction specifications: Brick Cladding is available on certain buildings. (see wall construction) Traditional Timber Frame with choice of timber cladding remains most popular.

  • Base Construction Specifications
  • Wall Construction Specifications
  • Floor Specifications
  • Window and door Specifications
  • Roof Covering Specification
  • Heating
  • Electrics
  • Decking paving and landscaping
  • Guttering
  • Insulation
  • Plumbing
  • In depth articles available at Garden Office Project Blog Written by Richard Grace our Project Director: These are an analysis of what we think is best for each situation.

  • Garden Office and Studio Trends
  • Foundations / Bases
  • Insulation Systems
  • Plumbing and Waste drainage
  • Electrical systems

    Base Construction Specifications

    Two construction methods depending on site access

    1. Concrete Slab: 100mm concrete on Damp Proof Membrane on Compacted Stone.
    2. Timber frame with subfloor: 18mm WBP exterior plywood on treated joists at centres and dimensions better than building regulation data (see links page)

    Notes: supports for timber bases (sub-floors) are concrete pillars / pads or jacks as appropriate.

    Consideration is always given to the skirt to ensure the building fits into its site and surroundings i.e. does not stand above ground like a caravan or leave the dpc showing.


    Four wall construction specifications are used:

    • 44mm single tongue and groove pine
    • 68mm double tongue and groove pine
    • SIP s wall panels
    • Traditional timber frames (large choice of insulation and cladding internal and external)

    Notes: all timber is obtained from sustainable sources.
    Cladding to SIP,s and timber frame buildings are fitted to order


    BRICK CLADDING for Granny annexes, Garden Offices, Garden Studios and Garden Accommodation Buildings.

    For hundreds of years people have looked upon traditional brick as being a fantastic building material. It is strong when well bonded with good cement mix, attractive on the eye as it means "solid, strong, long lasting" etc.

    Time moves on and things change. What has changed most is the economics of building in brick. Other construction methods have become far more efficient and can provide a better environment for us all. Brick is heavy, slow / difficult (requires high skill) and possesses little or no insulation capability. It is environmentally unfriendly and worse still represents poor £ value when compared with modern materials.

    So - recognising the fact that many people love the look of brick we are introducing to our range a product which gives exactly the same visual effect, exactly the same longevity (providing the timber ventilation as installed by us is maintained), costs less, takes less building time and allows for far better thermal efficiency of buildings. The argument is a bit of a "no brainer" in modern slang. Insulated Brick cladding systems are a little more expensive than wood cladding but give an effect people love and represent far better value for new builds.

    For all our accommodation buildings we are offering from 1/1/2014 brick cladding options. In conjunction with wbs-ltd (our supplier who are leaders in this field) we are able to supply brick effect buildings to all our designs with immediate effect.



    Three specifications are used:

    1. 19mm tongue and groove pine
    2. 18mm WBP plywood
    3. 18mm OSB

    Notes: Pine floors are sealed and left clean / dust free ready for finishing with varnish.

    Hardwood floors are fitted to order
    Ceramic tiles are fitted to order

    Other floor coverings are fitted to order
    Skirting is designed to suit wall and electrical specifications

    Specifications Flooring

    Windows and Doors

    Double Glazed joinery made windows and doors from GSL range supplied to us to specification by Illingworth Ingham of Manchester (normally fitted with 28mm dg units)

    Velux brand roof lights

    Alternative units from approved sources agreed with our clients

    Roof Coverings

    Seven types of roof covering are used.

    Heating Garden Offices and Garden Studios

    Electric heating is recommended and supplied if required. Underfloor heating regularly specified (we like it).


    Electrical systems are supplied and connected to meet or exceed Building regulations Part P: (See Links Page)

    Richard Grace our Project Director is a fully qualified electrician and handles / certifies all our electrical installation work. He has experience in the design and installation of hundreds of projects.

    Our standard systems always include:

    1. Double switched sockets positioned to your requirement
    2. Lighting circuits with switches positioned according to your requirements
    3. Outside lights
    4. Outside socket
    5. All light fittings
    6. Bathroom fan
    7. Consumer unit safety system
    8. Broadband range extenders recommended and fitted

    Circuit wiring is hidden between the sub-floor and floor and where no cavity exists conduit is used taking into account any settlement of log structure walls.

    Final design is usually agreed with client on site when shell of building is complete.

    Decking paving and landscaping

    We are aware that to complete most projects some landscaping is required. We usually agree this on site either by pre-sale visit or at the time of build.

    1. Fibreglass reinforced bitumen shingles
    2. Cedar shingles
    3. Copper shingles
    4. Thatch
    5. Tiles or slates
    6. For all pent, flat and sedum roofs we use only EPDM rubber roofing membranes
    7. Tata Steel Colorcoat Urban roofing (our newest range)

    Roof Coverings - Specifications

    We have experience of using all types of paving and decking and can advise on appropriate materials.
    The installation of surrounds and steps is usually agreed as an extra, which we install as part of the project.

    Decking paving and landscaping


    Guttering systems are fitted as required.


    Insulation Essential for Garden Offices

    On most of our buildings we fit a warm roof system This system has been around for 30 years and is proven to be both efficient and durable. We fit insulation between sub floor and floor.

    Wall insulation is designed for purpose and agreed on each building specification.

    The aim of insulation systems is to increase the comfort in the building in both summer and winter and to reduce the cost of maintaining this comfort.

    See full detail on our blog with comments and explanation of what is best.


    For all of our plumbing systems we use plastic piping with push fit joints. Electric heaters provide water heating; both instant and thermal insulated tank types are used as appropriate.

    We have developed innovative solutions for waste disposal using macerators, tanks and waste pumps to avoid massive disruption around your property and saving cost. See youtube video.

    See more on our blog where detailed plumbing articles are available. Or email questions to

    Plumbing - Specifications

Our 15th Year - Design, Garden Planning Permission and Project Management Specialists for Granny Annexes + All Garden Buildings and Outdoor-Kitchens. Now is not the time for building in gardens .

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