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Woodlands Lodge accommodation building Telford Shropshire

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Woodlands Lodge accommodation building     Veranda and ballustrading

Bedroom, bathroom and sleeping mezannine  elfin kitchen

Snapshots ("Real Project" Case-Studies)

Here you can find information about a Garden Accommodation Building with Bathroom and Kitchen. All our case studies include: 1. The client request 2.The main design criteria following consultation and site-visit 3.The agreed specification of materials and project budget 4. The actual costs of the project.

More Snapshots

In the right hand column is a list with thumbnail photos of other "real projects" snapshots in the same format.

1. The Client request

The clients wanted a building for guests to stay. It should suit the Woodland setting and sloping site 6m long and 5.5m wide with internal space of 30 sq m. The building is for general family use with two rooms, a small bathroom and a kitchen area.

Essentially this is high quality self-contained accommodation for guests.

Plenty of storage space in the roof area and a mezzanine area capable of providing extra sleeping room with safe access and security balustrade.

The structure stands on a sloping site overlooking the garden. A staircase entrance and some kind of covered seating area was required.

The drainage would need to be pumped up 9m in height in order to avoid installation of a separate septic tank as vehicular access would be somewhat limited.

2. The Design Criteria Statement

The design criteria was quite simple: A comfortable all year round short break and staying over facility was required. The building should take advantage of its location and outlook (in an area of the garden surrounded by woodland). Enough space for a family to stay with all the facilities built in low maintenance, no wires on show and all round child safe. A budget of £30,000 was to be made available 

3. The Design Issues

  • An unusual and difficult to reach site on a slope
  • Drainage solution which maintained costs on client budget to be provided by GSL small bore pump system
  • The build should be managed on an accurate schedule to ensure built in pipes and wires were accurately placed etc.
  • Maximise the space available in the mezzanine areas and provide safety rail system
  • Plumbing and drainage should be heavy duty to cope with the lift required
  • Total internal space should be around 30 sqm
  • All balustrading and access to be totally child-safe

4. The Budget /Pricing / Costs

  • Building kit £12950
  • Installation on finished base £4900
  • Electrical £1400
  • Groundwork £1500
  • Deck and balustrade £2000
  • Kitchen £1950
  • Plumbing (including small bore pump system) £2000
  • Landscaping £600

  • Total Project cost £27,300 (figures exclude VAT at 20.00%)

To find out more about this project email enquiries to Address: Garden Structures, Garden Office and Garden Studio Specialists Bracken House, Woodlands Road, Chester, Cheshire CH4 8LB (near Manchester, Liverpool and North Wales) or telephone anytime on 07376 746265 we have local knowledge see > have we built near you

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