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Garden Office, Studio, Gymnasium and Store - Wirral

Garden Studios, Garden Offices, Gazebos, Garden Rooms, Outdoor Kitchens, Animal Lodges, Log Cabins, Garden Lodges, Insulated Garden Buildings (and plenty of oblong cedar garden buildings with flat roofs of course!)

Prenton office store and gym

Snapshots ("Real Project" Case-Studies) There are 2 lists of project case studies links are on the side here for desktop and tablet and on the bottom of the page for mobile (this is a responsive website designed and built by ourselves)

Here you can find information about a multi purpose Garden Studio, Gymnasium and Store. All our case studies include: 1. The client request 2.The main design criteria following consultation and site-visit 3.The agreed specifion of materials and project budget 4. The actual costs of the project.

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1. The Client request

Our clients had an expanding family and needed more space for a number of reasons:

1. With a busy work life and both partners in responsible jobs they needed a retreat in the garden where he could work on occasions. In particular managing conference calls across different time zones over the web. Also the occasional days working at home both needed a space uninterrupted by normal family "going's on" in their busy household.

2. The large garden had been landscaped many years ago and a process was underway returning it to former glory. A couple of areas had become overgrown and needed clearance + turning into useable good looking space. This "grand plan" involved making an outdoor area with kids play stuff(trampoline play house etc.). The whole area would become a multi-purpose family facility.

3. Part of the space in the new building would become the family gym.

4. Another part of the building would be used to house tools and gardening stuff. In the future this could become a bathroom if the building were used for sleepovers / guest accommodation.

2. The Design Criteria Statement

The building should be compliant with permitted development rules and work on a sloping site.
Maximum advantage of existing landscaping - layout, pathways, mature trees and shrubs needed to be taken into account.
A multi purpose space, insulated for all round use and a hub for out of house activities at home. The new Garden Office/Store/gym building should be of traditional garden house / summerhouse design to fit the landscape (flat roof was not suitable).
A covered area on entrance useable for sitting out in summer rain or sheltering at garden parties etc. was an attractive proposition. The plot was sloping and the entrance existing landscaping led to this as a solution to both issues.
Mezzanine space would be enhanced by having the covered space at the mez end of the building facilitated by the double hip roof design already proffered.
The whole area should be accessible which necessitated a complex deck arrangement on two levels and including a shallow slope to the rear.
Every type of communication system should be operational tv,wifi,land-line phone etc.

An initial budget of £13000 was revised to £18000 after design discussions.

3. The Design Issues

  • The building should be compliant with permitted development rules and work on a sloping site.
  • Maximum advantage of existing landscaping - layout, pathways, mature trees and shrubs needed to be taken into account.

4. The Budget /Pricing / Costs

  • Building kit £12,000 (a bespoke GSL timber frame solution)
  • Installation on finished base £2500
  • Electrical and communications £1300
  • Groundwork / clearance £600
  • Landscaping and decking £2000

    Total £18,400 (includes VAT at 20%)

To find out more about this project email enquiries to Address: Garden Structures, Garden Office and Garden Studio Specialists Bracken House, Woodlands Road, Chester, Cheshire CH4 8LB (near Manchester, Liverpool and North Wales) or telephone anytime on 07376 746265 we have local knowledge see > have we built near you

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