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Curved Roof Garden Studio (complies with PD rules)

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Curved roof garden studio

Snapshots ("Real Project" Case-Studies)

Here you can find information about a Garden Studio built for family / work and Garden storage. All our case studies include: 1. The client request 2.The main design criteria following consultation and site-visit 3.The agreed specifion of materials and project budget 4. The actual costs of the project.

More Snapshots

In the right hand column is a list with thumbnail photos of other "real projects" snapshots in the same format.

1. The Client request

The clients an IT specialist and his wife a teacher are often working from home. They had recently purchased and renovated their house and garden. Completing the project involved replacement of a tatty old garden shed with something a bit more suitable for their lifestyle . The new studio should have space for family activity and work with separate (convertible space for garden tools) etc. High on the list was that it should look good and a flat roof cedar box was not what they really wanted. Warm comfortable and good looking was at the top of the agenda.

Compliance with permitted development rules would be good to save the hassle with planning process so max height of 2.5m without a flat unatractive roof was a significant factor in design.

2. The Design Criteria Statement

The new building should provide a comfortable environment for creative work. It should be accessible, insulated for all year round use and provide garden equipment storage space.

In liaison with Tata-Steel here in Chester,we  have developed a completely new kind of roof that is fully compliant with permitted development and offers a real alternative to the typical flat roof cedar box. (this one has waney edge siberian larch cladding)

It seemed like a good opportunity to put the new roof design into practice. The roof here is overlooked by neghboring properties and our clients wanted a stunning look for complimenting the work they had completed in the garden.

Functions - toolshed and garden office are what is needed now but the shed space is easily convertible. (the internal wall is insulated now of course) but could be easily removed.

3. The Design Issues

  • Meet the 2.5m pd ruling with a curved attractive roof (not flat)
  • An attractive contemporary look fitting in with the new landscaping
  • Full electrical installation including connection to supply + data connections required for high speed connection
  • Double glazing and wall insulation was required to make the building suitable for working all year round as required.
  • Total internal space should be around 18 sq m
  • Conventional timber frame with 95mm studwork was chosen for the walls
  • Roof structure is warm roof system with two layers of 50mm celotex insulation (the pre printed grid on celotex was helpful in creating the curve) The roof is a curved structural insulated panel SIP manufactured in our workshop.
  • As plasterboard is not easy to bend redwood tgv boards form the internal ceiling and the overhanging canopy.
  • The facia is crafted out of a single piece of Colorcoat Urban anthracite roofing material 7m long.
  • Guttering to rear is of special design.

4. The Budget /Pricing / Costs

  • Building kit £9450
  • Insulation and plasterboard finnish £1800
  • Floorcovering £400
  • Installation on finished base £2700
  • Electrical £900
  • Groundwork preparation and concrete base £950

  • Total Project cost £16,200 (figures include VAT at 20%)

To find out more about this project email enquiries to Address: Garden Structures, Garden Office and Garden Studio Specialists Bracken House, Woodlands Road, Chester, Cheshire CH4 8LB (near Manchester, Liverpool and North Wales) or telephone anytime on 07376 746265 we have local knowledge see > have we built near you

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