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Flat Roof Bespoke Garden Office | Space to work at home

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Snapshots ("Real Project" Case-Studies)

Here you can find information about a bespoke Garden Office built for a tight site. All our case studies include: 1. The client request 2.The main design criteria following consultation and site-visit 3.The agreed specifion of materials and project budget 4. The actual costs of the project. This Garden Office was built in South London in 2010. (The third of four projects for the same client!)

More Snapshots

In the right hand column is a list with thumbnail photos of other "real projects" snapshots in the same format.

1. The Client request

The client had a DIY Office built for 8 years suffering from damp on walls and floor. They needed a specific shape replacement without exceeding the height of the previous building. Lots of light and space for two desks.

2. The Design Criteria Statement

The client request was for a building with a tapering shape no higher on the neighbour side than the existing building with a pitch roof. After consultation it was decided to use a flat roof with upstand velux windows to cope with the unusual tapering shape of the site to best effect. Lots of light was provided by the roof windows to make maximum use of wall space. The door was designed on an angle to cope with restricted access and to provide a small amount of cover over the entrance. The epdm roof is able to cope with the very low pitch set at 1 degree only exiting the water to over downpipe on the garden side.

The floor would need to be exceptionally strong to support the heavy gym kit.

A budget of £10,000 maximum was to be made available.

3. The Design Issues

  • A very unusual plot tight up to the boundary and tapering to give access down the side of the property required careful design and material choice.
  • Lots of light through a flat roof required the upstand velux system
  • The building should provide working space for two people and room for visitors (not easy but just achievable)
  • Full electrical installations including connection to supply + data connections required - connected to house consumer
  • Drainage from roof should be on garden side
  • Total internal space should be maximum available on plot
  • Landscaping should be included to make the building immediately useable

4. The Budget /Pricing / Costs

  • Building kit £5952
  • Installation on finished base £1650
  • Electrical £670
  • Groundwork Demolition / removal and concrete base £540

  • Total Project cost £9215 (figures include VAT at 17.5%)

To find out more about this project email enquiries to Address: Garden Structures, Garden Office and Garden Studio Specialists Bracken House, Woodlands Road, Chester, Cheshire CH4 8LB (near Manchester, Liverpool and North Wales) or telephone anytime on 07376 746265 we have local knowledge see > have we built near you

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