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A quick and easy (no nonsense responsive) conversion solution for most websites

Mobile web views have overtaken desktop and tablet views. Your website needs to work easily on mobile devices. Responsive design means that your site layout changes automatically to suit the screen size for comfortable browsing. Conversion to responsive design is the best answer. It is vital that your website works well on mobile devices and it is best if it also performs well on desktops and tablets.

The best way to ensure this is to use "responsive design" This means that the same page content will respond to the screen size automatically (changes shape and layout depending on device). This can often be achieved by applying a few lines of responsive code.  If you check this page either on different devices or by turning your mobile device sideways you will see the layout change to suit.

Without a complete re-design this can be done easily and applied to all pages.

I can send a sample page based on your own site. Send site address by email to The conversion work may cost £250 only as a simple one off payment made only when you approve the results ready to update your site. How simple is that?