You found it! How to use Pinterest for Business- "FREE" Advice - From: Ricardo - "THE UK Pinterest - Expert"

Pinterest IS "THE" fastest growing Social Network / Search-Engine. Right here you can find inspiration and "NEW ideas". The "in-built" functionality to share your own stuff AND create traffic to your own web-site is OUTSTANDING! - P is "SIMPLY THE BEST" marketing + organising web tool yet! This page explains ALL about - HOW to use P & WHY you should!

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"Welcome" here it is - How to get set up + how to use Pinterest for both Personal and Business


Updated 09/12/2019 - I have developed a process which generates AND - targets web traffic. With this I can turn web-traffic on and off as easily as using our kitchen tap! This is the "quick and simple" version. To go to full version (much more detail) click here >


This page is Quick Overview of "Tested Ideas" to share with ALL internet users both business and personal. The information right here will help you to organise your own ideas + get them found. Pinterest makes it easy to find new business (using FREE web traffic generation) "that means Zero cost". You are reading the shortened version!


I can advise / consult / help (contact me by email clickable links are below)

I have developed a "Shared Board" part of the project (you can see this in action on my own P site + The dropshipping button takes you to a full explanation written by the world's expert on this.

There is a lot more  information on the main page - This is the "quick and simple" Guide. However there is an "in depth explanation here": >>


Visitors to main page - typical spread - Now running at 500+ per day worldwide!


     Best Cat Pic Yet 

Which Pin is a winner? - Who knows ?

  + Here below are all the answers to - why you should use Pinterest for your Business


Founded in 2009, Pinterest provides a social media and information search system to find stuff and organise images, typically photos, recipes and short movies.  At the same time it is now becoming one of "THE" main drivers of traffic to websites worldwide.

Pinterest is now in the top-five mobile apps.

 P - Current valuation is close to >   $13 billion.


 I am answering hundreds of questions by email, you can ask here in any language + if you send your website url I advise free of any charge on the potential of Pinterest + integration >

Note: If you would like this page by email reply in your own language email specify your language and I will publish or reply with translated copy (by Google of course).

 Should you have Pinterest Save buttons on your own website?

 Answer = "YES ABSOLUTELY and soon": Pinterest Save buttons encourage people to pin your website images + make this easier (this is what creates the free traffic). Once you install the P button visitors can easily save and pin your images which then automatically carry inbuilt links back to your website. This generates totally free web traffic. If your images are good they are re-pinned - the result is an increase in your website visitors at ZERO cost!  - How simple is that! (I always reffered to stuff like this as "a no-brainer").

What do Pinterest themselves recommend?

I recommend that you also download / read the free "Pinterest Best Practice Guide" it is available to download here as a .pdf file. This takes one minute only but worth waiting! Here it is - click here > Pinterest Best Practice Guide

Further free info all about finding followers (this is good but a BIG read). click here to download so you can read it off line when you have time! > Pinterest Followers Guide It's a (.pdf) file - Some recent info here:  I work with numbers - how boring is that!


 So - step by step  - "How to start and how to generate new, no-cost additional web traffic using Pinterest".

It works. Do this "now" the result will be - more discovery and more sales for less cost!

NEW things are added constantly.

 Here below are ways to accelerate the growth of followers whilst maintaining cross traffic generation.

It's now becoming expected for all "visual important" websites to have Pinterest integration - so here is how this works;

All the images here "when pinned" carry inbuilt links directly back to this page. This achieves web traffic which as a result increases daily. The 1st one you can see is called a "rich pin" and carries live the number of times it has been repinned. You can see the number of times it has been re-pinned. From those the escalating re-pins could be a LOT! - if each new destination pin board attracts the same, in a short time it will have reached millions of views / (new business) opportunities at a minuscule cost! - I am now getting many questions about "drop-shipping" and have recently started another study (based on information you can see here) - it is written by Damien Defranco - "THE - world expert on this subject" + recently added more.  Dropshipping / I am now recommending this.

 Photo to make you think    Photo to make you think    Popular photo of Log Cabin    Problem Solved - Pinterest drives new traffic  

 Image may contain: 2 people, including Gideon Durakli-Grace, people smiling, text        Beautiful cat - they like logs  cat cropped to pin siz

Our decisions are influenced by how things look - we all know that visual images are important regarding a high percentage of everyone's desires, interests and purchases.
In USA today more than 70% of females between 25 and 55 now use Pinterest "daily" for both enjoyment and decision making / purchasing.

Pinterest is now THE leading platform for image recognition, image comparison AND image sharing. (the Google of images with links built in). Many pins click through directly to more info, advisors and, websites where you can review ideas, find and buy stuff quicker on-line.

So - What now? Firstly - here directly below is a working example of a pin board (it's embedded in this page and operates on a "live" basis)

It's simple for most businesses:

If images of what you do or sell are important then you MUST have a plan in place regarding how to benefit from using Pinterest.

Why should you use Pinterest for business?

Pinterest is an image based text searchable information network. Pinners are sharing ideas when planning projects or seeking out new products to buy, enjoy and use.

Pinterest is all set to overtake "twitter" within months, to become "second only" to Facebook in the league table of the world's most used websites. Google of course remains dominant in text search.

Pinterest is quite different from ALL other social networks.

Before I say any more about how to use Pinterest for business, here’s quick overview of some key Pinterest terminology. It's simple so I had to "spice" it up a bit.

What are Pins?

A Pin is any image or short video many with embedded links that someone "a pinner" chooses to save to their own Pinterest boards. For businesses, more important than the pin itself (if anything could be) is the website link it can and does "very often" carry. If an image is pinned from your own website it carries a link back from where it came automatically. Pins get repinned by others looking for similar ideas and visits to your website go up "exponentially" (at NO cost to yourself). If visitors stay a while and pin more of your images - (guess what ?) the result is more web traffic and potentially more sales!

Every pin with an embedded link points back to the website it was pinned from. (the Pinterest software protects this from cheats) More than 160 billion (that's a hundred and sixty thousand million) Pins to date indicate that something is changing, not to mention there is something working!

What works?

In order to keep things organized, Pinners sort their own Pins into collections called boards.
Your own boards can be liked and followed just as you yourself can "like" and "follow" any boards of other pinners, AND maybe most importantly, you can make comments, write descriptions and include keywords + # (hash tags). Pinterest is text searchable just like Google..

Web Integration

For many businesses an active Pinterest account is now becoming a "must have". It can drive web traffic at costs miniscule by comparison with other strategies. It is becoming more significant to many business situations. Images are vital to marketing and pinterest integration with your website is now vital to maintain competitive ranking in search.

How to start

Open a "Pinterest for Business" account - make boards, label them and start pinning.
Other Pinners can follow your entire portfolio, or just the specific boards that interest them most. Once followed the Pins you save will appear in their feed. (in this case always associated with both written and visual info + your chosen links are built in to stay).

What is a feed?

A Pinterest feed is like any feed on any other social network - it’s data or let's just call it info - about links and content from boards and users that a Pinner has followed or pinned or re-pinned. The feed you choose brings you automatic updates by email on who (which pinners) are pinning your images.

How to set up a Pinterest account.

If you use Pinterest to enhance the marketing of your business, you MUST create a "Pinterest for business" account (this is free of any charge). Business accounts offer specific valuable features including: Analytics and the ability to use Pinterest paid advertising if desired.

The account setup is as easy as it gets - register - choose name - choose business or personal - sign up DONE. Now - name your boards and start to pin. No payment is required or asked for to sign up and use this system. Pinterest generate revenues by offering advertising on a paid / choice basis.

What user strategy is best? = Experienced pinners will all say the same:

It is best to pin regularly / often - the system wants you to do this, the most feedback and benefit goes to those who contribute regularly. (my own tests qualify that Pinterest gives priority to regular pinners). There are available, separate apps. (approved by Pinterest), which help automate and schedule your pinning process. (I have used "tailwind" and "pinfollow" - recommended).
Set your goals - Personal / Business - Define your strategy to suit.
Have fun - you are about to join the fastest growing network on our planet.

How is Pinterest integrated in an existing website ?

Easily - when you have a business account - see above - Pinterest "give" you access to all the codes free of any charge + on screen instructions about how to configure and use them. These codes "snippets" are cut and pasted from their page on-line into your existing code at the point (on-page) where you want your new stuff to appear.

Summary ?

1. Sketch out where you want the P buttons (of your design and choice) +  any "call to action links" to appear. 2. Paste in the Pinterest supplied codes. 3. Upload the modified pages to your webserver. All done! Now, keep an eye on how your visitors behave (using P free analytics and G analytics) then make your own strategic alterations to suit. More visitors to your website will result (easy to see in analytics). - If you get your message right then more sales will follow. -- This of course is assuming your products or services are displayed correctly to the right audience and only you could know this! - How simple is that!

This Page written by Richard - Pinterest name "ricardospizza"

For businesses I am offering - setup, integration with websites + on-going advice / consultancy. Contact me - Richard - You can see it working here / check it out on this website. See how Pinterest integration generates web-traffic growth for me every month!


During my own Pinterest learning phase I placed images on a test board "the cat one" I named "Noellas Cats" Images from here have been pinned and repinned all over the planet and the ones pinned from this page still generate traffic back daily. 

Overview- How to start- right now?

Open a Pinterest business account (free) - create boards - pin stuff and get followers + feedback  - integrate this with your own website - watchG analytics for the increase in your traffic and monitor the sales. If you need help contact me -  after reading the process documentation (now available here). - Thanks for reading and happy pinning.

Photos / Pins I used - Random examples here: ?

The photos (pins) below are TOTALLY random. When re-pinned they carry "automatically" 1. This webpage link / "url" - 2. A brief description of the photo content. 3. The Pinterest supplied "Rich Pin lables" where appropriate to make them stand out. 4. Some keywords and #tags in the descriptions.

Very successful pin with cat lovers  Our next door neighbour meets Edward Teller  Our son Gideon loves to ski  small-dream-house Very powerful pin - people like it a lot

Neil posted on Facebook Tiny House in Vermont   Very Good Cat Pic cannot be real   Very popular tree house pic   Lost Rings  

   This is the life - annexe, small house with everything   Outdoor Kitchen - This seems to meet the definition !!   This is the life - plan for annexe, small house with everything   This is the life - plan for annexe, small house with everything 

   This is our own cat and Pizza oven  This is the best treehouse pic yet      


   pinterest cat thinking infographic  pinterest cats whiskers    Great Lion Photo

Great Cat Pic      Snapshot of real pinterest infographic

Here are my own figures - Pinterest work on this site by myself all of it! - you can go direct to see all my test boards on Pinterest in new window click here

Summary - Having re-read this "my own script" again just now - Even I find it too good to be true - however I have the data - how ? Firstly - I had a quick look and it made me think - then - I spent 12 months experimenting for a couple of hours each day. - I searched for experts everywhere I could and read ALL of their stuff and then, did a LOT of what was recommended - I integrated it in my websites, then watched the results using analytics - I talked to friends and family about it "they all let it go above their heads". Now I have CONCRETE results there is a bit of a change in thinking underway!

Remember I said this can't be done overnight - but it can be done at very low cost - if you wait then the cost will rise + 1. You may find it NEEDS to be done to compete - and 2. You will find that the catching up time becomes an issue - (that is how most good ideas progress) - "and that's all from me".


Every 10 seconds 82,000 new photos, comments and graphics are added to Pinterest - this is now early 2019, the trend continues upwards and the graph is not a straight line - there has to be a reason - Pinterest have done "more" things right than wrong - "that's for sure" my own experimental testing reached 719,324 views in the last 4 weeks  + I have recorded and saved details of more than 170,000 potential purchasers!

Thanks for reading - all comments welcome:

As you can see  - this page is all about background and startup. I have prepared now the full paper on stage 2 implementation and on-going automation. To be amongst first to receive this send an email with a very brief description of what you would like to achieve. My next piece of research supporting the above includes discussions with 5 experts who are ALL "ladies"  - I am now claiming fame as one of the first (men) to write about this!


Swans and cygnets in real danger    Doorway to more web traffic      Borrowed from Doorway Collection   Inspirational Budah quotation

Next - Here is "Grumpy" The mascot of the Daily Mail (first daily on Pinterest!)


See more Pins of Grumpy here: Now famous "worldwide"


Thanks for visiting - More live pin boards below including my own favourite Olivetti - was my first employer, a great company with fabulous designers - Richard -

The full setup information is on:

 + I am starting to think about offering Drones via a strong new "pin board" and Dropshipping myself!

Coming Soon -

Note: If you would like this page or to communicate with me email - you can use your own language email I will reply asap with a translated copy.