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This is "would you believe" an outdoor kitchen" sort of outdoor and indoors - a good place for entertaining - front opens all the way - bar on left - appliances at rear -if it rains the party can go ahead!

We design and build structures for outdoor entertaining areas both diy assembly and with installation services if required.

Self-build gazebos and shade structures all suitable for Covered Outdoor Kitchens, Outdoor Ovens, and Outdoor Entertaining areas. Our on-site services include installation, groundwork, associated landscaping, electrics, lighting and plumbing. Through established relationships we can recommend supply and install appliances to compliment these services. So if this statement strikes hoe then what you need to do is send me email explaining what you are looking for and why. I can then respond with advice.

For 2016 we have increased our number of appliance suppliers to include a new pizza oven range and added another new range of exclusive units for both built in and stand alone outdoor applications.

Self build kits, Bespoke structures and Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

I have decided "just now" that there is a problem with this page it is far too generic it does get lots of views so I don't intend to close it. I am a designer and builder of garden structures and a life long outdoor chef. I know about cooking and building and I really enjoy creating spaces for family entertainment and relaxation. If you are looking for appliances and bbq tools then I am not the person. If you are looking for creativity and structures which blend into your landscape and lifestyle then that is me.

Our manufacturing includes a popular range of self build kits for constructing small covered outdoor cooking and entertaining areas in the price range £800-£3000.

To receive self build kits range details as email pdf attachment mail To get a quick quote send us description of your requirement "just as you are imagining" + photo of site please or call us on 01244 679502.

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About Outdoor Kitchens and Outdoor Pizza Ovens

One of the fastest growing trends in enjoying your garden is creating an "outdoor kitchen". Featured here is a Pizza Oven and Covered Barbeque.

Outdoor kitchens extend the traditional summer BBQ's to sophisticated entertaining, expanding grilling capability to include roasting and baking. 

Creating full outdoor kitchen facilities including preparation and serving areas useable in all weathers and all seasons. Our designs include integration of existing BBQ's traditional charcoal or gas fired and full installation of wood fired brick pizza ovens or cast iron ovens. Plans, materials and self build pizza oven kits available.

If you are looking for a covered barbeque wood fired pizza oven or help building your own call us now on 01244 679 502 see one of our covered barbecue kits installed at Covered Barbeque Video for Grand National day barbeque

  New range wood fired ovens

Grill, roast or bake - meat, fish and even traditional pizza (authentic pizza requires temperatures of 550 degrees and cooks within two minutes). With the great taste only available when using a Wood Burning Pizza Oven.. 

New design including covered area        Design example

Current special offer for 2015 3m square double hip roof covered  outdoor kitchen / BBQ self build structure  - self assembly (2 person 2 hours)  kit only £2,400

See our own wood fired oven design This oven type was developed and first installed by us in 2005


Gazebo  Gazebo2 octagonal shade structure

For more information contact Richard on 01244 679502 or email any feedback appreciated.

The information we need from you to prepare outdoor kitchen drawings or quotations:

  1. Which outdoor-kitchen facilities are you thinking of?
  2. Have you assessed your budget for these (approximate number of £)?
  3. What is the size of the area to be developed in square metres or square feet?
  4. What is the design concept? (Contemporary, traditional, rustic or “I have seen something I like”
  5. Do you wish to purchase and self install?
  6. Are you looking for a design service?
  7. Are you looking for a fully managed project?

“Outdoor Kitchen” specifications:


Basic Requirements:

  • A hygienic workspace
  • A cooking facility (at least one of the following: grill, oven, hob or open fire)

The following would also be good:

  • Some kind of structure with rain/shade cover
  • Storage for fuel, tools and cleaning materials
  • Lighting

To make the outdoor kitchen more useable:

  • Mains electricity
  • A water supply
  • Sink and drainer
  • Food Storage
  • Fridge / Freezer

Further along the road:

  • A bar / seating
  • Guest seating with rain / shade cover
  • Dining Area

Our Services:

  • Self build structures
  • Outdoor kitchen design
  • Full project installation service
  • Appliance supply and fitting
  • Fitted units
  • Wood fired pizza ovens
  • Outdoor Pizza Ovens

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Covered Barbeques


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