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Outdoor kitchen tips and advice

Outdoor Kitchen Tips

What is an Outdoor Kitchen?

Wikipedia describes "outdoor kitchen" " an outdoor area set up for regular food preparation, for instance when camping"

We would say an outdoor kitchen must include at least one good-quality cooking appliance a work surface and in our country a roof.

Barbeque Grills are the most popular cooking options. Although a good-sized grilling surface with heat control (essential) can be used to prepare even sophisticated dishes an oven brings another dimension.

The rising popularity of outdoor kitchens fuelled by Jamie Oliver's Jamie at home TV series has helped create a growing competitive market. Today there were 182,000 search results returned for outdoor kitchens on Google uk. The outdoor kitchen business now has specialist suppliers. DIY stores and Garden Centres are stocking more and more products. You can now purchase prefabricated outdoor kitchen islands and roof covers which can be installed in as little as one day. 

Outdoor kitchens a new trend ?

  • A great entertaining feature both for social gatherings and important family moments.
  • Cooking outdoors in the summer is expected extending the season is now possible on a reasonable budget.
Top Tips
  • The location should preferably be near the house
  • An existing backyard / patio can become a great home for your outdoor kitchen and avoid the need of making landscape modifications
  • You could build a deck for a more elaborate setup with covered eating area
  • The smoke from the grill should not blow into your house or into the faces of family and friends sitting around to eat their meals. Check which direction the wind blows in your area
  • Your patio can be the foundations for your outdoor kitchen
  • The grill should also be near the edge of a shade structure so that smoke can easily escape and not be trapped by edge of the structure.
  • If your outdoor kitchen does not have a roof, have a backup plan of storing your grill and other equipment in case of rain.
  • Have space to store fuel and tools
  • Make sure you have some working surfaces available
  • Dark coloured work surfaces need to be shaded
Structures download here: or email for pdf version.

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Outdoor Kitchens and Covered Barbeques for Outdoor Cooking and Outdoor Entertaining from Garden Structures Chester