Design and Planning Permission advice for Garden Structures of all types / UK Specialist for Granny Annexes.

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Category Affinity % of audience architecture 2.49x 52.6% finance 2.24x 18.3% vehicles 2.13x 38.1% animals 1.75x 32.5% products 1.62x 42.5% travel 1.53x 49.0% sports 1.46x 58.7% design 1.43x 79.0% home and garden 1.40x 87.4% entertainment 1.32x 65.0% education 1.23x 66.7% art 1.22x 48.0% food and drink 1.17x 57.2% health 1.13x 45.2% quotes 1.09x 47.3% fashion 1.07x 54.7% diy and crafts 1.07x 62.0% weddings 1.05x 29.4% photography 1.04x 34.8% parenting 0.97x 35.5% events 0.95x 28.5% beauty 0.90x 38.6% Architecture interests Interest Affinity % of category audience cultural architecture 1.55x 43.5% house plans 1.63x 23.5% architectural styles 1.01x 15.8% landscape and urbanism 2.21x 14.0% residential architecture 2.36x 8.7% classical architecture 1.35x 5.3% old buildings 2.44x 3.7% swimming pool architecture 4.51x 2.1% italian style 1.66x 2.0% neoclassical 2.56x 1.7% sustainable architecture 0.39x 1.6% rebar house 4.73x 1.5% open space architecture 2.88x 1.5% wooden houses 1.63x 1.4% architect design house 2.68x 1.3% hotel lobby interior design 3.19x 1.2% industrial and infrastructure 3.43x <1.0% functionalism 1.29x 1.0% modernism 0.34x 1.0% mid century architecture 3.20x 1.0% dance hall architecture 4.26x 1.0% cinema architecture 4.44x 1.0% new classical architecture 3.72x 1.0% queenslander 1.37x 1.0% amphitheater architecture 3.79x 1.0% scandinavian architecture 2.66x 1.0% organic architecture 1.47x 1.0% haussmann architecture 3.09x 1.0% art deco 0.25x 1.0% structuralism 1.78x 1.0% expressionism 1.88x 1.0% colonial architecture 2.87x 1.0% rehabilitation center architecture 6.10x 1.0% school architecture 1.62x 1.0% aquarium architecture 4.13x 1.0% arcology 2.77x 1.0% factory architecture 3.03x 1.0% theater architecture 2.20x 1.0% aztec architecture 3.80x 1.0% minimal traditional 2.42x 1.0% interactive architecture 3.11x 1.0% university architecture 2.00x 1.0% shopping mall architecture 2.74x 1.0% mar del plata style 1.30x 1.0% planetarium architecture 3.13x 1.0% office building architecture 2.04x 1.0% indian architecture 0.87x 1.0% hotel architecture 1.67x 1.0% hospital architecture 2.12x 1.0% deconstructivism 1.82x 1.0% Age The age distribution of this audience Gender The gender distribution of this audience Location The top locations for this audience Country % of audience United Kingdom 29.5% United States 20.3% Brazil 5.0% Mexico 4.1% Canada 3.6% Germany 2.3% France 2.1% Australia 1.8% Argentina 1.6% Spain 1.5% Colombia 1.5% Italy 1.4% Turkey 1.2% Chile 1.2% Russian Federation 1.1% Netherlands 1.0% India 1.0% South Africa 1.0% Japan 1.0% Poland 1.0% Thailand 1.0% Indonesia 1.0% Belgium 1.0% Peru 1.0% Romania 1.0% Korea, Republic of 1.0% Ukraine 1.0% Ecuador 1.0% Hungary 1.0% Costa Rica 1.0% Sweden 1.0% Portugal 1.0% Czech Republic 1.0% Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of 1.0% Vietnam 1.0% New Zealand 1.0% Austria 1.0% Switzerland 1.0% Other 1.0% Greece 1.0% Denmark 1.0% Norway 1.0% Saudi Arabia 1.0% Ireland 1.0% Philippines 1.0% Finland 1.0% Guatemala 1.0% Uruguay 1.0% Slovakia 1.0% Malaysia 1.0% Device The devices used by this audience /p>

Our 15th Year - Design, Garden Planning Permission and Project Management Specialists for Granny Annexes + All Garden Buildings and Outdoor-Kitchens. Now is not the time for building in gardens .

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