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Garden Studios | Therapy Studios | Insulated Garden Buildings

"Your Creative Space at home" An Insulated Garden Studio Typical Garden Studio building costs - building kit £590 per sq m and  total project installation £900 - £1200 per sq m

 Small attractive garden Office Flat Roof Garden Studio Large Garden Studio

Garden Studios, Writers Studios, Artist Studios, Therapy Studios, Soundproof Music Rooms

Nearly all of our buildings can be used as a garden studio. Each one is different in some respect however here are our top tips:

Our Top Tips for your Garden Studio space

  • Studio windows should provide lots of light. 

  • Insulation systems should be a priority item in your budget. Insulating the roof is vital for your comfort in winter and summer. see Garden Studio insulation article

  • Accessible storage space is beneficial. Mez floors are a good idea in  Garden Studios with pitched roofs.

  • Plenty of power points and well organised lighting are essential items. Switch from main house is one of our most frequently requested extras (now available for heating)

  • A Good pathway from the house helps in bad weather.

  • Some cover on entry (Porch or flyover roof is good) for fumbling with keys in the rain.

  • Plumbing is a valuable extra (we can install toilets on 90% of sites easily)

  • Roof windows are very popular for extra natural light

  • Good communications can be achieved using broadband through the electrical system from your house with or without additional cables

  • A good size entry door allows for furniture movement

To Plan your ideal Garden Studio:

Think about your requirements now and in the future. Take a look at some of our Case-Studies and do some research on style and look. Think about your budget and let us know when ready to talk. A Site-visit is quite normal and maybe best to assess the detail and any access or sloping land issues etc. Nearly always it is best and essential when we are proposing the best plumbing configuration taking into account drain access etc. Remember we have designed and built hundreds of these projects all over the country in town centres and on exposed coastal sites.

Following a site visit we provide drawings, specifications and a detailed breakdown of project costs. In the event you go ahead these drawings and costings become effectively our contract together for project delivery.

What happens next:

We ask for a deposit and book a suitable date to commence the work. Nearly always the work on-site is continuous. It is unusual for us to require much looking after and when we leave all rubbish and building mess leaves with us. You get the keys and can move in.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee all materials and workmanship for a five year period. You are responsible for protecting the exterior of the building with painting as required by mother nature. Your Garden Office will be built to last a lifetime.

To find out more email enquiries to Address: Garden Structures, Garden Office and Garden Studio Specialists Bracken House, Woodlands Road, Chester, Cheshire CH4 8LB (near Manchester, Liverpool and North Wales) or telephone anytime on 07376 746265. To see where we have local knowledge check the list below:

We have built  Garden Studios, Garden, Rooms and Garden Accommodation Buildings all over the UK. Here is a list so-far by nearest large town

 Bedfordshire, Luton Berkshire Reading, Bracknel, Maidenhead, Newbury, Wokingham, Buckinghamshire Aylesbury, High Wycombe Cambridgeshire  Cambridge, Wisbech, Cheshire Chester x 9, Stockport, Sale, Ellesmere Port, Birkenhead, Wallasey, Runcorn, Macclesfield, Crewe Cornwall None yet Cumberland Penrith, Keswick Derbyshire Derby, Chesterfield,  Buxton, Ashbourne Devon Barnstaple Dorset  not yet   Durham  not yet Essex  Chelmsford, Basildon, and 5 times in Buckurst Hill Gloucestershire Gloucester, Bristol, Cheltenham Hampshire  Winchester Hertfordshire Watford, St. Albans x3, Hemel Hempstead, Stevenage, Huntingdonshire St. Ives, St. Neots, Kent  Maidstone, Canterbury, Bromley, Greenwich   Merseyside Liverpool, Lancashire Southport X 3 Manchester, Preston, Bolton, Warrington Leicestershire Leicester, Lincolnshire  Lincoln, Grimsby, Louth Middlesex, London, x 11, Enfield x3, Staines, Ealing Norfolk  Norwich, Cromer, Hunstanton   Northamptonshire  Northampton, Kettering, Wellingborough   Northumberland None yet Nottinghamshire Mansfield, Worksop, Newark, Oxfordshire  Oxford, Banbury, Witney,  Henley-on-Thames, Thame   Rutland one in the sticks Shropshire  Shrewsbury, Somerset Bath, Staffordshire  Stafford, Stoke-on-Trent, Suffolk  Ipswich, Bury St. Edmunds Surrey  Guildford x 6 Croydon, Woking, Sutton, Kingston-on-Thames, Wandsworth, Wimbledon x4 Sussex Crawley, Warwickshire  Warwick, Birmingham, Coventry,Rugby, Stratford-upon-Avon   Westmorland  Windermere, Wiltshire Devizes Worcestershire Evesham Yorkshire Beverley, Halifax, Harrogate,York North Wales x 8,  Wrexham Scotland x 1, South Wales x 4, Cardif. Pembroke

Garden Structures - Your specialist supplier for Insulated Garden Rooms and Garden Studio Buildings

Our 15th Year - Design, Garden Planning Permission and Project Management Specialists for Granny Annexes + All Garden Buildings and Outdoor-Kitchens. Now is not the time for building in gardens .

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