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Garden Offices | Insulated Garden Buildings | Work at Home

Garden Offices | Insulated Garden Buildings for working at home.

"Your Comfortable Creative Working Space at home" An Insulated Garden Office.

This is our 13th year in the "Garden Office" business. For us no project is the same. Our speciality is creating the right working environent for you with the design you like and the functionality you need. We manage the complete project - that means everything from breaking the ground to handing over your keys.

Garden Office costs - Total project installation £690 - £1400 per sq m (depends entirely on agreed specification and design)

 Small corner garden Office Flat Roof Garden Studio Large Garden Studio

Garden Offices, Garden Studios, Writers Studios, Artist Studios, Therapy Studios, Music Rooms

Things to consider for your Garden Office

  • Garden Office windows should be desk height. 

  • Insulation systems should be a priority item in your budget. Insulating the roof is most important and vital for your comfort in winter and summer. see Garden Studio insulation article

  • Accessible storage space is beneficial. Mez floors are a good idea in  Garden Offices with pitched roofs.

  • Plenty of power points and well organised lighting are essential items. Switched outdoor lights from main house are one of our most frequently requested extras.

  • Our electrical services always include connection to main property with safety certification.

  • A Good pathway from the house to the Garden Office helps in bad weather. Pathway lighting helps.

  • Some cover on entry (Porch or flyover roof is good)

  • Plumbing is a valuable extra (we can install our low cost waste pumping system on most sites easily)

  • Roof windows are popular for natural light

  • Good Garden Office communications can be achieved with or without additional cables (this is included in our service)

  • A good size entry door allows for furniture movement

Garden Office Process:

Think about your requirements now and in the future.
Take a look at some of our Case-Studies and do some research on style and look.
Conside your budget and let us know when ready to talk.
A Site-visit is quite normal and maybe best to assess the detail and Remember we have designed and built hundreds of these projects all over the country in city centres to  exposed coastal sites.

Following a site visit we provide drawings, specifications and a detailed breakdown of project costs.
Our established method which works is to start with design and specification - then to revise this untill the whole project is what you want and is within your budget.
These drawings, detailed specifications and costings then become our contract together.

What happens next:

We book a suitable date to commence the work. We need access, water and electricity only. On leaving we remove all all rubbish and building mess. You get the keys and can move in.

Our Garden Office Guarantee

We guarantee all materials and workmanship for a five year period.

Your Garden Office is built to to be permanent it is not a temporary building.

To find out more email enquiries to noella884@gmail.com Address: Garden Structures, Garden Office and Garden Studio Specialists Bracken House, Woodlands Road, Chester, Cheshire CH4 8LB or telephone anytime on 07376 746265. To see where we have local knowledge check the list below:

We have built Garden Buildings, Garden Offices, Garden Studios, Garden, Rooms and Garden Accommodation Buildings all over the UK. Here is a list by nearest large town see here if we built near you?

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