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Garden Office and Garden Studio Advice - Here is: Your essential Checklist    

Garden Office Advice and checklist

What you should be considering when building an office in your garden. The essential checklist:

  1. Will planning permission be required? 
  2. Will any building regulation compliance be required? (it is a different subject from planning)
  3. Electrics will be required (the installation will need to comply with building regulations Part P)
  4. Communications will be required (telephone and internet can be supplied by wireless, by wire or by using the electrical connection from the main property with adaptors)

    Your Building and your Garden Office / Garden Studio site 

Considering the proposed site how extensive is the work required to prepare a base and install, required services, any landscaping and access pathways etc.?

  1. Windows should be desk height and correctly positioned for the site
  2. A double entry door is a good idea for moving in furniture.
  3. Consider access to the site for movement of required materials from a delivery point to the site.
  4. Will project work be carried out by one contractor or DIY and various contractors?
  5. How will the building look? Find an example, make a sketch or get a design idea drawn up.
  6. What materials and specifications are applicable? Make sure that these will meet the purpose to which the building will be used.
  7. What disruption will be encountered during the installation extent and timescale?
  8. Finally – What budget is available for the project and can all the above questions be answered and requirements be fulfilled within this budget? 

    Common mistakes - "try to avoid these"

  9. Getting a base installed without full consultation
  10. Not providing for a good access pathway
  11. Accepting a standard base when the site has not been surveyed
  12. Leaving plumbing or electrics as jobs to be done after the building is complete
  13. Building too close to your boundary, hedges or other structures
  14. Not keeping your direct neighbours informed
  15. Painting or staining a wooden building too dark

Good ideas! - Always consider these things

  1. Go to see a previous client of your chosen supplier who works at home
  2. Show your neighbours a drawing and inform them where the building is to be sited
  3. Consider insulation a top priority in the whole design
  4. Sun on dark roofs makes the building hot in summer insulation is needed to stop this for Garden offices
  5. Get a site visit done by an experienced garden office builder
  6. Following a site visit we will prepare a written project plan with drawings and specifications and answer all of these questions.

Added value! ?

Often - we are asked if the project will add value to the property - well the answer is "sometimes it does if you get all of the above correct" 

This page "Garden Office and Garden Studio Advice" written by Richard (our project director since 2002)call 07376 746265 to discuss a site-visit

You can email enquiries to Address: Garden Structures, Garden Building Specialists Bracken House, Woodlands Road, Chester, Cheshire CH4 8LB or telephone anytime on 07376 746265

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