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E-bike-service and supply


Shortly UK e-bikes will be opening a facility here in the North West with every known make and model of e-bike on show with indoor and outdoor test ride facility. The bikes will be available via e-commerce on 10 day max delivery to your home. Accessories and family activities will be available at the UK's first e-bike to be kept informed. Enquiries to The E-bike market is expanding all over the world led by China, growing by 60% per annum in USA and 30%+ here in UK figures expected to reach some £1000m pa in a market predicted to be worth £200m by 2020   As battery technology improves and fuel/insurance costs continue to increase it makes sense to look for more economical and greener modes of transport. If you love the outdoors and want to conserve your own energy then e-bikes are a solution.

  • Sourcing kits and accessories
  • Advising on and sourcing suitable bikes
  • Maintenance and repairs and accessories if required
  • If you are looking for an electric bike specialist with knowledge and access to all possibilities currently available then you have found the right source.

    We are an engineering company completely free from ties to any supplier or manufacturer and specialise in fitting electric drive systems to any suitable bikes.

    Why Choose Us?

    Here at Cheshire Electric Bikes we can help you choose from the widest range of new or used bikes. Secondly we have the tools and abilities to engineer your chosen bike to accept any electric drive system. Our service is bespoke. We aim to give you the best service and the best most appropriate electric bike available for your budget.

    Our electric bikes offer the following benefits:

    • Variable power on demand
    • Low running cost
    • Eco friendly / Green
    • Unique customised to your requirements
    • Personal service

    For more information on our electric bike services call us on 07376 746265.

    Electric bikes 250w,350w,1000w,1kw Range up to 50 miles between charges, hill gradient (any)

    Control systems, lights, batteries, accessories, open sourcing, specified to your requirement.

    Why consider an electric bike

    Lower your costs of getting around. Enjoy the outdoor experience with as much or as little physical effort as you wish.

    The Law

    We would like to make it clear that the legal power limit for electric bikes on the UK roads at present is 250 watts and the speed limit whilst power assisted is 25kph. Some of our work by request is carried out on electric bikes of higher power capability. (off road bikes)

    Whilst there have not yet been any known cases of prosecution the law has not changed to accept the wide range of more powerful products now available worldwide. Our more powerful (off-road) bikes contain no power markings these (off road) bikes must be used responsibly.

    Our 250w speed limited electrically powered bikes don’t require any insurance, road tax, or drivers license. There are no parking charges or special servicing required. Battery charging is from any electrical point and the possibility of peddling on all bikes remains.

    Every client has different needs and tastes for electric bikes. With our service you choose you own bike and electrical power system. We supply the technical advice and engineering skill.

Tel: 07376 746265 Add: Bracken House, Woodlands Road, Chester CH4 8LB

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