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Pinterest is the worlds fastest growing Social App / it's also a VERY powerful Search-Engine. On "P" you can find inspiration and seek out new ideas. The "in-built" capability to search, (both text and images) + organise and share is outstanding. Pinterest is also A GREAT bookmarking tool for research. + "BY FAR" the easiest way to find and drive new website traffic to your own site or blog. P is now the "MUST HAVE" marketing and organising tool.

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Brexit on both web and integration with Pinterest. From this page you can access 2000 + Brexit Press Articles. The P Boards are as close to Live as I can get them = 19.54 - 25/05/2019 New Brexit news is EVERYWHERE!

"Tears at No 10" - I cried too! Now I am trying to fix the problem of repeating integrated live boards on this page!!!

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