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Brexit on both web AND integration with Pinterest. From this page you can access 2000 + Brexit Press Articles. The P Boards are as close to Live as I can get them =  22/11/2019 New Brexit news is EVERYWHERE!

It looks like Boris made a BREAKTHROUGH ???

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BREAKING NEWS!!! Pound up +

The chief executive of Vauxhall-owner PSA says it could move all
production from its Ellesmere Port factory if Brexit makes it
unprofitable. The move would probably lead to the closure of the site, the FT said, threatening 1,000 jobs. The Aircraft factory here in Chester was also mentioned !!!!!

The mere thought of Brexit affecting the jobs at the airospace factory 3 miles from my house is simply "terrifying" - Good jobs good people good aircraft wings all organised and providing a massive amount of good jobs for good people just down the road = is not good news!

That would leave Vauxhall's Luton-based van plant as its last presence in the UK.

"Frankly I would prefer to put it [the Astra car] in Ellesmere Port, but if the conditions are bad and I cannot make it profitable, then I have to protect the rest of the company and I will not do it," Mr Tavares told the paper.

"We have an alternative to Ellesmere Port."


Labour has finally agreed a position on Brexit and agreed to back a People’s Vote. Three years after the referendum, the official opposition say they have ‘agreed a settled Brexit position.’ In a statement, they said: ‘The Labour Party will now challenge whoever emerges as the leader of the Conservative Party to have the confidence to put their deal to the people in a referendum, with remain on the ballot, in which Labour would campaign for remain.’ This story is breaking and will be updated.

Tears at No 10" - I cried too! Now I have fixed the problem of repeating integrated live boards on this page!!! and my comment on Quora: here below has been well recieved!

I think the ONLY thing that these figures prove is that the electorate don’t like the way the house of commons has been squabbling over Brexit which has lead to the mess we are now in. -

(from Business Insider)>>

  • This means the next prime minister is likely to be a Hard Brexiteer who supports leaving without a deal.
  • However, pro-Remain parties collectively won the biggest share of the vote.
  • The polarised result means Britain's Brexit crisis will only deepen.
  • The UK could soon be heading for a general election or a second referendum.

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The story of Brexit So Far



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In his customary petulant and irresponsible manner, Mr Johnson and ministers are blaming others. When interviewed on BBC Radio 4, his Chancellor - Sajid Javid MP - uttered a series of alliterative and blameworthy buzzwords more suited to an amusing party game for mildly inebriated adults.