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There are some important issues which effect the success of a website in attracting relevant traffic (the only traffic that matters). Google are the main provider of search results. This is how they do it!

Right now Google takes into account mainly the legible content. People search using words and Google matches those words with the most relevant content available in their index. Relevancy is their secret – if Google continually presented irrelevant content they would fail in world search domination. As clearly they intend to succeed they must present the most relevant pages. The fact that people use mainly Google for search is indicative they are doing a good job.

How does Google do this?

They take into account a number of factors:

1. Domain authority (age and relevance of the web page address (url))
2. Page Titles (the meta title  in the page header code)
3. Page Descriptions (the meta description in the page header code)
4. Page structure and headings (the headings and sub-headings in the page content)
5. Image tags (the titles and descriptive tags in the code attached to images)
6. Language quality (understandable well written copy)
7. Focus on the topic (descriptive and informative copy)
8. Site structure and theme (the focus of the whole site)
9. Popularity as judged by the relevance and quantity of inbound links from other “authority sources” (votes)
10. Age of content (is the content up to date and updated frequently or is it new)
11. Google "PageRank" the number between 0 and 10 they attribute to the page (visible to PageRank button users for every web page visited - recently this has been demoted)
12. The location of the search request in relation to the location and relevance of the resource (local search)
13. Inbound links from other sites (adds credibility)
14. Last BUT by no means least --- The visibility of the site on mobile devices - over the last few years this has becomeone of the most important factors (the mobile views represent now a majority over tablets and desktops) Google have introduced a warning insearch results and demoted them for non compliance. Responsive design is better than mobile only.

SEO – Search engine optimization consists of ensuring the above factors are addressed carefully in construction of a web site on a page by page basis. It is no simple matter to achieve consistent first page Google results for everyday terms in a competitive marketplace. However - dramatic improvements to results can be achieved quickly with careful attention to these points.

Having studied this subject for years I can consult on a "no win no fee" basis for SEO or the integration of social media in marketing If you are interested please email your web address  to or call me on 07376 746265

No win no fee -What does this mean? Simply this "you are welcome to call and discuss your requirements" - Once your objectives are agreed at no risk you can move forwards!! If you win and results improve I would like to be paid for my input!

The hot topic right now for anyone selling a product where visuals are important is Pinterest. After studying this and quite a lot of experimentation my thinking is that this should be a priority for driving traffic to your site. So make your site images easy to pin. Build a strategy and follow their advice. It works! or email me and I will send you my results - the effect on site traffic is astounding!

 How simple is that.


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