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Review of our "Outdoor-Kitchens" Offering Jan 2018

1. The reason for us being involved in “Outdoor Kitchens” since 2006

There is synergy between our business (Garden Structures) and my own hobby/passion.

Why? - Because:

a)     Our business is designing manufacturing and installing Garden Structures of all types.

b)      My own life long hobby / passion since being a boy is cooking and entertaining outdoors.

The web page you found is aimed at merging these two things and has been around for a couple of years. During this time it has generated a growing interest here in the UK. Currently our outdoor-kitchens web page commands about 800 first page Google search positions. These are for most of the search terms used by people looking to develop some kind of outdoor food preparation facility better than just the standard barbeque.

It is no surprise therefore that our enquiries are on the increase and some clarification is needed if we are to satisfy these enquiries clearly.

The web page view entrances for outdoor kitchens are higher each year with peak in spring.. Having analysed the trend it is clear that our market is increasingly interested in “outdoor kitchens”.

2. What we have done so far:

Over the last two years we have:

  • Designed and engineered a range of self-build flat-pack structures in the price range £400-£1500 which provide covered areas for outdoor food preparation.  These structures also provide cover for free standing barbeques making them useable all year round.
  • Sought and forged business relationships with suppliers of the very best outdoor appliances stand-alone and combination based in the price range £1,000 - £10,000. (A massive range of other suitable appliances at lower prices are readily available on-line or from well-equipped Garden Centres).
  • Sought and forged business relationships with suppliers of  free standing Pizza Ovens at affordable prices internationally.
  • Since our first full specification outdoor wood-burning oven was installed in 2006 we have watched carefully the market for these products. Currently the major part of this market remains (self-build enthusiasts and restaurants).
  • Designed numerous full specification “Outdoor Kitchen”  projects for clients throughout the UK
  • Installed many bespoke  shade-structures for outdoor entertaining
  • New for 2017 expanded range of flat pack structures, stand alone ovens and jokodomus appliances

 3. Our Definition of an “Outdoor Kitchen”

The new Garden Structures. definition of an “Outdoor-Kitchen”:

 “An outdoor kitchen is a food preparation area in an outdoor living space consisting of at least one cooking facility and at least one hygienic work surface”

 The “Outdoor Kitchen” specifications:

 Basic Requirements:

  • A hygienic workspace
  • A cooking facility (at least one of the following: grill, oven, hob or open fire)

The following would also be good:

  • Some kind of structure with rain/shade cover
  • Storage for fuel, tools and cleaning materials
  • Lighting

To make the outdoor kitchen more useable:

  • Mains electricity
  • A water supply
  • Sink and drainer
  • Food Storage
  • Fridge / Freezer

Further along the road:

  • A bar / seating
  • Guest seating with rain / shade cover
  • Dining Area

An overview of the current UK market for “Outdoor Kitchens”:

  • At present in UK a cheap BBQ seems to be the standard attempt. A good UK set-up seems to include somewhere to place beer cans and a table with chairs. If you are lucky there is a shade brolly, but still not enough to qualify as an outdoor kitchen. .
  • The demand for something better could simply be a “society change”
  • The continuous growth in celebrity chef appearances on TV could be fuelling this.
  • There has been a massive growth in gas BBQ’s appearing in the back garden spending most of their time under green plastic covers. Why?  - Because they are unsupported by the additional facilities required for food preparation.
  • Outdoor Kitchens with basic facilities are now becoming a reality
  • Our Garden Structures business is well placed to service demand for design and construction of food preparation areas outdoors “Outdoor Kitchens”

For more information contact Richard on 07376 746265 or email any feedback appreciated

Please let us know any of the following if appropriate:

Which outdoor-kitchen facilities are you thinking of?
Have you assessed your budget for these (approximate number of £)?
What is the size of the area to be developed in square metres or square feet?
What is the design concept? (Contemporary, traditional, rustic or “I have seen something I like”
Do you wish to purchase and self install?
Are you looking for a design service?
Are you looking for a fully managed project?

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